Our Licence

Our purpose of product patent registration is to advocate SIVA as the original designer. Product patents not only symbolize our hard work developing, but also our symbolize our persistent on developing quality products.   

Our unique binding method is patented in Taiwan and China. Pending patent in USA, German, UK and France. 
The patent are included any available shapes by  PVA , PU foam ,Soap or Porcelain material. 

Products was sold via the assigned trading companies. 

#2500 Series (Ocean Sponge)

#2501Series (Ocean Sponge)

#PV2510 Series (Nonwoven Flower)
#S2510 Series (Nonwoven Flower)

#SS2510 Series (Nonwoven Flower)
#6066 Series (EVA Bathing Stick)
#8081 Series (Exfoliating Ceramic)
#9000 Series (Exfoliating Sponge)
#8082 Series (Sponge Soap)