About Sponge House:

Over the years, more and more customers are attracted to our innovation and creativity on PU sponge. With years of design and technical progress, a new department was established for individual customers.

In April, 2013, SIVA Sponge established a new product brand – Sponge House, Sponge House was created especially for retail customers with smaller order quantities. The items among Sponge House are separated from SIVA’s normal product list. Because of the product differences, its production line was built differently and established specifically for Sponge House. 

Brand Concept:

1.    Nontraditional functions of sponges

2.    break conventional aesthetic standard  

3.    The graceful sponge offers a more relaxing and delighting shower

Our Features:

We have three main product categories:

A.    Handmade Bathing Sponges

B.    Dish Washing Kitchen Sponges

C.    Living houseware sponges


Product Design Principles:

 Skills, Ideas, Brands, Safety

In order to differentiate customized products from standardized ones, uniquely handcrafted technique has been applied onto the basic manufacturing method. Make its function and styling to be more lively and lovely than ever!

While the value is enhancing, the quality and density of sponge have also been strictly controlled. Our sponges are tested and complied with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EN71 (Europeanstandards) by SGS, one of the world’s largest testing organizations, to ensure our product safety and quality.