Feature and Application of Sponge Materials

 Remove Dead Skin Cells: 

 Since sponge is made of circular hole 
"structure, different from the usual linear fiber structure, it can more" 
efficiently remove dead skin cells to promote regeneration of new skin cells 
from beneath. Sponge's effectiveness in this regard varies with the size of 
"its openings. Take Siva's #9000 (EXFOLIATING SPONGE) for example, after three" 
"weeks of using it once every three days, improvement of skin texture on" 
hands and other parts of the body can already be observed. 

Other features

Printable products with quality assurance technique provide customers with better looking sponges, gift with company logos, or special customized design to provide better service. Our performance on plate printing techniques is beautiful, clear, and able to pass various security product testing.

3D Professional Processing

SIVA has up to 30 years module and custom made machinery experiences. We have over 500 3D modules, and over 4800 2D modules providing a wide range of product selection for our customers. These modules not only save customers’ cost of module making expenses, but also enable us to shorten production lead time. Being one of the best 3D sponge manufacturers, we welcome customers to send us with various inquiries.    

Professional Specialized Sponge Production

Our patent sponge laminating method specialized in making firmer, more flexible, more colors, and longer life sponges!

For all bathing products. Sponge plays a very indispenable role in bathware goods.Special in low price and shape changeful,which can't be replaced by any material. We make effors to develop shapes with suitable material to suit any market & age of consumer.

The specialty of sponge,It can clean the exfoliation from body effective and promote the blood circulation on skin . It does not grow moldy under any circumstance.

You can take a lot fun while bathing and promo colorful in bathroom.

We are good at PU material Product. Our major product is made from PU Material which be divided into 3 classification as:
(a) Nature foam (normal material; Cheap price; Perfact printing on Surface)

This sponge has equal size, due to traditional proceeding.Upon customer different requirement on (A) color (B) hole size (C) elasticity (D) specific gravity of material. We are  expert to make sponge with many all needs.

b) Alga foam (look nature material,good feeling for bath)

When proceeding with nature foam. At the same time. We also add other ingredient inside to make sponge with  irregular hole's size on foam. It has higher specific gravity than nature foam. It means better quality & duration used.

(c) Free air foam (free in & free out water; durable; health cleaner for bath)


Foam with good function to let air in and out

1. Good Penetrability. 

2. Strong character to absorbent & drain water.

3. Duration will be 12 times than nature foam.

4. Suitable for bathing or promotion market.