The PVA flower is one of our original creations and has already been patented in many countries. However, many unauthorized copies have recently appeared on the market, as the background of this ad shows. In order to protect our sales channels and maintain the integrity of our designs, we are taking legal action against those responsible, thereby maintaining trading standards and the due quality of PVA flower sponges.
Please contact us to obtain more information.



(L)11*11*9 cm   40g (raw color )

(L1)10*10*9cm  22g

(M)10.5*10.5*9cm  34g

(M1)9.5*9.5*9.2cm  26g

(S1)8.8*8.8*7.6cm  22g




(L)10*10*8.5 cm   25g (raw color )

(M)8.5*8.5*8.0cm  21g

(S)8.4*8.4*7.4cm  17.5g



(M)12*12*11cm   28g (raw color )

(S)10.5*10.5*10.2cm  23g



(M)0.5*10.5*7cm   19g (raw color )

(S)7*7*7cm  14g 



10.5*10.5*6 cm   16.6g (raw color )


11*11*6 cm   16.6g (raw color )


12*12*9.5 cm   14.5g (raw color )



11.2*11.2*6.2 cm   15.7g (raw color )


12.5*12.5*4.5 cm   16.6g (raw color )


10.2*10.2*9.3 cm   24g (dyed color )


(M)12*12*11 cm   32g (dyed color )

(S)10.5*10.5*10.2cm  27g



10*10*8.5 cm   23g (dyed color  )


10.5*10.5*7 cm   23g (dyed color  )


11*11*6 cm   21.5g (dyed color  )


10.5*10.5*9 cm   15.8g (dyed color  )


12*12*9.5 cm   19.5g (dyed color )


11.2*11.2*6.2 cm   19.7g (dyed color )


11*11*7.5 cm   21g (dyed color )


12*12*8.2 cm   24g (dyed color  )


10.8*10.8*9 cm   14.8g (dyed color )


12*12*8.2 cm   27g (dyed color )