News for bussiness

1.     For the decrease of market demand and current economic downturn situation, we introduced numbers of new items target on “low price large quantity” features for the coming season. (Items such as #1006, #9061, #2500-5, #2012-10)

2.     Our new technique enables us to put small logos, words clearly onto the sponge products.

3.     New products (#9080, #Q7446) to be introduced for living houseware.

4.     New products (#1006, #9061) with new invented wave design make dish washing a lot more fun. These new items are also one of our “low price large quantity” product group.

5.     New products #2703-2, #2705 are introduced with our “no glue” new technique. Whole piece is integrated into one step production. These items are created especially for customers who are looking for non-glue products.

6.     Our B to C online shop will be available in February 2016. Please feel free to contact us for any question.