Refresh & Health  



Remove Dead Skin Cells: Since sponge is made of circular hole 
"structure, different from the usual linear fiber structure, it can more" 
efficiently remove dead skin cells to promote regeneration of new skin cells 
from beneath. Sponge's effectiveness in this regard varies with the size of 
"its openings. Take Siva's #9000 (Health Sponge) for example, after three" 
"weeks of using it once every three days, improvement of skin texture on" 
hands and other parts of the body can already be observed


After burying , this product itself decomposes gradually( biodegradable). No harmful component and heavy metal included.


To use:

1.Add your favorite cleanser or soap to wet sponge for well lathering . 

2.This is usable to every single body part without any saponin stayed on human body . 

3.Rinse sponge and air dry by hanging. 
To care:

Please do not use this when your skin is injured or have some related disease. Children under age 3 require adults accompanying .




(M)16 * 9.5 * 5  cm

(S)15.8 * 9.0 * 4.5  cm




13.4 * 9.0 * 4.0  cm



14 * 9.0 * 3.0  cm